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Our Work

We are group of Somali professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds Geotech, Soil  crop science and finance with a passion to pursue projects that will have a long positive impact especially in the area of food security.


Tehnical and Deep Dive into the Irrigation Systems

come back soon when the material is posted. Ramadan Kareem!


Agriculture Pilot Project

Roob Roon is Engaging rural communities and working together to bring viable large scale commercial farming complimented with extension programs for small scale farmers to get involved.  We completed three trials of wheat projects in Wajaale, Awdal and Odwayne successfully. We now transition to the major aspect of agriculture through state of the art technology in pivot irrigation and canal irrigations with massive investment commitment. The first of it's kind in Somaliland and Somali Peninsula at large.


Grain Storage Systems

Roob Roon Team understands it is crucial to have a storage system of preserving the crop after harvest prior to selling into the market.  Our team is experienced and is able to build hi tech  silos with temperature monitoring, drying, loading and unloading with high precision.   

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