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Welcome to Roob Roon "Better Rain"

The first and only large scale commercial wheat farming in Somaliland. Expected to produce 25 000 tons of wheat annually. 

Roob Roon has agreement to  supply wheat to Flour Mills in Somaliland such as Boodhari Mills and the horn of Africa. With a combined population of 120 million forming one of the biggest markets in Africa.


Minimum Investment s $3000 

Roob Roon forecasts an annual gross of 10 million dollars from selling grain. If we convert that to flour it is equivalent to 15 million dollars gross annually.  There is profit to be made for investors in this sector.

Land & Water Resource Heat Map


Plenty of land, large underground water systems and favorable Geotech landscape make  Somaliland an Ideal place for large scale crop production.

Where is the Market?

Somaliland has two flour mills with another 200+ in neighboring countries. With a total demand of six and half million tons of wheat yearly, that is 2.6 Billion dollar purchased in wheat. 

Most of the wheat is currently sourced from European conflict zones. 

Currently foreign wheat prices are at $450 per ton in the Somali regions. While the cost to produce wheat inside Somali peninsula is less than $150 per ton through the application of high yielding crop science. This is an opportunity to meet the challenge, make profit and have a positive impact on food security.

This is an invitation to invest  for the individual investor and institutional investor.


Roob Roon is currently offering equity stake to the Global Somali communities, global institutional investors and anyone interested in Agri business for a limited time.  The minimum investment is $3000 for a limited you can qualify $2500 if commitment is confirmed immediately.  This is our (Somali) version of crowd funding.   Total phase one project cost is 3 million dollars. 

***You should NOT invest money you need for living such as rent, food, mortgage, school fees and so forth.  This offer is not a solicitation for non residents of the Somali Peninsula


Backed by strong  dynamic team with a track record and experience.  Roob Roon aims to bring what alluded the past Somali generations.  

Smart large scale crop production in Somaliland and the Somali peninsula. The teams are local, diaspora Somalis and expats from other nationalities. 

Abdirahman Sh. Ahmed Roob Roon.png


Abdirahman Sh. Axmed  is the founder and CEO of Roob Roon.  After Completing Boodhari Mills, a flour Mill factory and Animal Feed Facility as the founder & CEO. He turned to the essence of food security and launched Roob Roon. The large scale production of wheat in Somaliland to combat the shortage of grain at the local level, and to hedge any global risk in the production of flour and it's by products.

Nala soo Xidhiidh

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